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Bootlegger Compound Raided in Former Atlantic Highlands Home of Oscar Hammerstein

On October 16, 1929, at the height of Prohibition, federal agents raided an isolated house atop the ridge in the Hillside section of Atlantic Highlands, overlooking Sandy Hook Bay. Before 1920, the house (pictured) had been owned by the operatic and music hall impresario Oscar Hammerstein Sr. in the house, agents found a powerful short-wave radio, a celler full of submachine guns, automatic rifles, pistols and ammunition, and 16 men who denied any knowledge of the radio or weapons. The house was the center of a huge bootlegging operation smuggling rum from the Caribbean.

Source: Boyd, Paul D.(2004). Atlantic Highlands: From Lenape Camps to Bayside Town. Arcadia Publishing, pp. 146-150.

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