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British Evacuate Philadelphia, Head to New York

On June 18, 1778, British General William Clinton completes the evacuation of Philadelphia, concentrating about 20,000 troops and his baggage train in and around Haddonfield Royal Navy. Along with other troops, invalids, loyalists and heavy equipment, the army heads down the Delaware River. Small New Jersey militia attack near Gloucester Point, taking several British prisoners. Nearby, Continental forces under Brig. Gen. William Maxwell harass the British. Elements of the main patriot army under Maj. Gen. Charles Lee depart Valley Forge, followed by a second contingent led by Brig. Gen. Anthony Wayne (pictured). The two armies are now headed for a major conflict at the Battle of Monmouth.

Source: Lender, Mark E., & Stone, Garry W. (2016). Fatal Sunday. University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, Okla., pp. 441-450.

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