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There are scores of important events and amazing stories still waiting to be added to the Monmouth Timeline. We encourage the submission of ideas and suggestions for Timeline additions from our community. Here are a few things to keep in mind when suggesting a new event:

  • We can’t guarantee that every idea or suggestion will result in a new Timeline event. This is a very subjective exercise, but we want to maintain a high bar so that we are presenting truly important, impactful and amazing stories. So we will not necessarily include every shipwreck, or crime story, or landmark, but we want to be able to set forth that we have all of the really important ones.
  • We will not add an event to the Timeline unless we can provide viable sourcing. While it is not necessary for members of our community to provide sources for the ideas that you submit, we won’t be able to add it until we can research it and determine the best sources.
  • We do need to have an exact date. Events that took place at an undetermined time can’t be pinned to the calendar. Over time, we expect that a number of such important stories will be able to be a part of the Timeline without an exact date, but while we are still in our very new stages, we will want to prioritize the addition of events with exact dates.
  • We need pictures too! You may know of a better image or photo than what we are currently using, something we may have overlooked it in our own research efforts. We will use art or images that are either in the public domain, or for which we can obtain the appropriate usage rights or permissions.
  • Remember that what might constitute an important date in the history of your town, or a given landmark, may not be a matter of County history. A critical election or building in one town may be of no interest to people on the other side of the County. This is why we offer the opportunity to create your own Timeline of historic events, because these events and stories deserve a local context.
If you provide a suggestion that results in our adding a new event to the Timeline, you will receive credit both in our social media pages as well as in the Timeline post itself.
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