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A Timeline of Vito and Anna Genovese in Monmouth County

Editor’s note: Vito Genovese was involved in criminal activities from his early years in New York City and continued to run the rackets even after he was finally behind bars for good.  His nefarious deeds have been extensively chronicled elsewhere and it is our policy not to replicate that which already exists.  This Timeline focuses on the life and times of Vito and Anna Genovese during the years that they lived in Monmouth County.  The fuller story of Anna Genovese is every bit as fascinating as that of Vito, but most of her life takes place in New York City, and therefore, receives scant treatment here. A 2019 podcast called “Mob Queens” focused on exploring Anna’s life in great detail, and it is well worth the time for aficionados of the history of New York City’s nightlife, the evolving LGBQT community in Greenwich Village, as well as organized crime.

On November 21, 1897, Vito Genovese was born in Risigliano, Tufino, in the Province of Naples, Italy.  On May 23, 1913, when Genovese was 15, his family immigrated to the United States and took up residence in Little Italy, Manhattan.  


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The History of Organized Crime in the United States.

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